Where the developed system is carefully introduced into the business, preferably using a modular approach and often integrating components of existing systems with the new. New procedures, documentation, training and re-training, if needed, assist new or existing staff to implement the system

User Training

Customer users may be divided into three major categories each having its own training requirements. These categories are:

First Category

The first category represents first-time users whose main requirements is an introductory course which would familiarize them with computing concepts and terminology in a computer environment and help them understand the components of computer system as well as the concepts of a program and of application software. The duration of such a course will be around 18 hours.

Second Category

The second category represents direct user who will be using the computer in their daily work. The requirement of this category is on-the-job training on the installed applications.

Third Category

The third category represents advanced users who might want to develop/generate their own Programs/reports using modern tools and standard packages. AIT can provide a variety of courses including:

  • Data Base Management
  • Operating Environment
  • Use of program aids

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